Tony Jannus Award
Outstanding Achievements in Commercial Aviation

About the Society

About the Society


In honor of Tony Jannus...

The Tampa and St. Petersburg Chambers of Commerce established The Tony Jannus Distinguished Aviation Society in 1964 to recognize outstanding contributors to the growth and improvement of the scheduled airline industry. 

The Tony Jannus Award honorees include elite aviation pioneers, aeronautical engineers, industry CEOs and governmental leaders.  The “who’s who” list includes world renowned figures including: Sir Lenox Hewitt; The Honorable Norman Minetta; Captain Edward V. Rickenbacker; Sir Frank Whittle; Lt, Gen. James Doolittle; William Powell Lear; Donald W. Douglas; Brigadier General Charles “Chuck” Yeager; Herb Kelleher, Sir Richard Branson, Gary Kelly, and the 2018 honoree Capt. Chesley ‘Sully’ Sullenberger.

The Society is a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that focuses on a three-part mission to:

  1. Perpetuate the legacy of the world’s first commercial airline, initiated and piloted by Tony Jannus on January 1, 1914 between St. Petersburg and Tampa, Florida

  2. Promote and provide financial support to college students pursuing careers in commercial aviation through its Jannus Scholar Award program

  3. Encourage the interest of high school students in commercial aviation and the legacy of Tony Jannus through its annual Statewide Jannus Essay Contest.

Through the support of our Board Members and event sponsors the Jannus Society has proudly provided more than $150,000 to help potential future leaders of our industry.

2019 Co-chairs: 

  • Mark Sprague

  • Matt Serynek


  • Alison Hoefler

Vice President:

  • William McGrew


  • Tony Conza


  • Kenneth Strickland

Board Member:

  • Col. Alan Blanchard, Ph.D.

  • Fin Bonset

  • Elizabeth Bradley

  • James L. Cardoso

  • Maryann Ferenc

  • Kari Goetz

  • Laurie Goossens

  • Michael J. Handrahan

  • James G. Howes

  • Laddie Irion

  • Tom Jewsbury

  • Catherine C. Kennedy

  • Robert C. Knight

  • Steve Korta

  • Mark Llewellyn

  • Fabian R. Lokenauth, Esq.

  • Joseph W. Lopano

  • Captain Richard Lorenzen

  • Anne Menke

  • Albert M. Michejda

  • Fredrick (Rick) J. Piccolo

  • Robert J. Rohrlack, Jr.

  • Matthew Serynek

  • Mark Sprague

  • Chris Steinocher

  • Brenda Tillmann

  • Juan Vega

  • Jason Watkins

Chair - Emeritus:

  • Colonel (Ret) Richard Y. Newton Jr.

  • John J. O'Connor

  • Colleen M. Horan

  • Colin Howgill

Board Member & Past Chair:

  • John Dahl

  • Cedar Hames

  • Patrick Harrison

  • Alison Hoefler

  • William G. McGrew

  • Christopher D. Minner

  • Frank Robertson

  • Michele Routh

  • Brig Gen. (Ret) David "Tanker" M. Snyder

Fellow of the Society:

  • W. Robert Bohan

  • Robert L. Conwell

  • Don DeFosset

  • Ronnie E. Duncan

  • Ron Faulkner

  • Adam L. Horn

  • Joe House

  • Joan Karins

  • G. Alan Lowrey

  • David Metz

  • Brig Gen. (Ret) Ben Nelson Jr.

  • Lt. Gen. (Ret) Richard Newton III

  • Bonnie Reitz

  • C.J. Roberts

  • Donald Stanley

  • Captain John G. Turner

Member - Emeritus:

  • George Elbe

  • Joseph J. Gess

  • Andy Krusen

  • Captain David "Mac" McLay

  • William M. Michaels, Ph.D.

  • Louis E. Miller

  • Major Gen. (Ret) Earl G. Peck

  • Robert B. Stewart

Professional Support:

  • Keir Magoulas

  • Charlena Green

  • Krupa Patel

  • Savannah Voci

  • Ann Ferchette

  • Greg Labonte

  • Karin Jackson

  • Jonathan Stein